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Delivery Update 5-4-2018

Available from stock

2 x Brand New Mitsubishi Marine Propulsion Engines S6R2-T2MPTK 

2 x Brand New Mitsubishi Marine Propulsion Engines S6R2-PTA



News Update 20-01-2018 

Installation of suspension seats of Grammer Nautic

New build pilot boats project. Contact us for inquiries of the Grammer Nautic Seats in Middle East and North Africa & MIddle-East.




Delivery Update: 6-10-2017

2 Units Mitsubishi S6R2-PT 575 kW @ 1500 RPM 2017





AMP-Power is the selected VIP-Partner & Exclusive Dealer for Grammer Nautic from Germany for sales of the internationally renowned seats brand in Middle East and Africa.

A vast range from Powerboat seating systems to Captain and professional Crew seats is available with the highest safety and performance approvals following DNV-GL Code of Safety for
High-Speed Craft, 2000 - Annex 10.

For inquiries and projects send your request to: info@amp-power.nl


Delivery Update: 6 x Mitsubishi S6R2 A2




Delivery Update: Complete propulsion package including 4 Mitsubishi 6D24 Marine Engines ready for shipment to client




AMP-Power congratulates SafeHaven Marine with their fantastic new high speed military & law enforcment "Interceptor Barracuda".

We are proud to see our ultra-light carbonfiber seats combined with this magnificent machine.

For more action from SafeHaven Marine visit : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Safehaven-Marine/415221425215512?fref=ts













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